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State of Mind

The Art of Perfumery in Harmony with Tea Rituals

+ The Brand

Welcome to the world of State of Mind. Fragrances designed to bring the tranquility and mindfulness of tea rituals into the realm of perfumery. Each scent is a harmonious blend of exquisite notes, crafted to enhance your sense of well-being.


Catherine Laskine-Balandina


Karine Dubreuil



Discover their exquisite collection of perfumes, each crafted with a unique blend of notes to evoke different moods and experiences.

+ Story

State of Mind was founded with a vision to blend the rich traditions of tea with the art of perfumery. Inspired by ancient tea ceremonies and the calming effects of these rituals, our perfumes are designed to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your daily life. Each fragrance is a reflection of our commitment to quality, creativity, and the pursuit of harmony.

+ Vision

Inspired by the tranquil moments of tea ceremonies, our founder sought to create a line of perfumes that encapsulate this serenity. State of Mind is a reflection of this vision, where each fragrance is a journey into a world of calm and clarity.